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100% Success Rate
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Until you become a master with women

In just 90 minutes, You Will Learn:

  • How to Overcome the Fear of Refection
  • The Art of Attracting High Quality Women
  • Skyrocket your Confidence
  • Approach ANY woman, anywhere, at any time!
  • How to find the Perfect Girlfriend
  • How to never fall into the Friend Zone again
  • The World’s Best Conversation Starters
  • Become a Body Language Expert
  • The Art of Engaging Conversation
  • How to have more Sexual Interactions with women
  • How to get her Number… EVERY time!

There’s a massive misconception out there, that in order to attract high quality women, you need to either be good looking, have a lot of money or a good body or a great career. Now believe it or not, all of this is completely and totally untrue!!

The good news is that meeting and attracting high quality women has NOTHING to do with Looks, Height, Career, Body or Money.

There is actually an art, a structure, a formula to developing attraction with women regardless of your external features and circumstances. Mastering the Art of Attraction is actually a learnable skill like any other and we are super excited to finally share these techniques with all Single Men!


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Overcoming Approach Anxiety

After being mentored by The World’s Number 1 Attraction Specialist and Dating Coach, we have decided to share our life-changing Attraction Secrets with YOU in a once-off FREE LIVE WEBINAR!

After this Webinar, you will leave with the ability to approach and develop attraction with ANY woman, anywhere, at any time – GUARANTEED!


Josh Margolis
Multiple Entrepreneur and
Professional Speaker


Ryan Peimer
Award Winning Film Director, Multiple
Entrepreneur & Professional Speaker

Josh and Ryan, the founders of the leading Attraction Development and Dating training facility in Africa, have trainer 1000’s of men across South Africa and assisted them in skyrocketing their results with women and to date, they hold a 100% SUCCESS RATE!

Head Instructors, Josh and Ryan, suffered their own drawbacks and lack of confidence with women which led them on an unwavering quest to master the male/female psyche, social dynamics and the art of attracting women.

The founders mention that “Having studied the above for over 10 years, we went on a journey of trial and error, failure and success, acceptance and rejection to get to a stage where we’re able to decipher what works ALL the time if not most of the time.”

On top of that, we were lucky enough to be personally mentored by Adam Lyons, the World’s Number 1 Dating Coach and Attraction Specialist, which completely transformed their own lives and in turn, transformed thousands of their students. Josh and Ryan further quote:

We are basically condensing 10 years of knowledge and practice into a once-off FREE LIVE WEBINAR.

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  • I just want to say a big thank you for this Webinar - it has changed my life! I dunno why you give this away free..!! I would've paid a lot of money.

    Dinesh, JHB
Devin, JHB
  • About 3 months after I attended your webinar, I got into a relationship with this girl - probably the hottest girl I've ever dated. I'm still mesmerized as to how I actually got her but I'm pretty sure it's from those techniques you taught me ;)

    Devin, JHB
  • After the webinar, I approached more girls in one night than I have this year! You okes are brilliant!

    Kobus, JHB - Webinar
  • Since attending the Attraction Webinar, I am getting an average of 4 women's numbers every time I go out.

    Mohamed, PTA
  • Your Webinar helped me overcome my fear of approaching women. As a wealthy black guy, I've always wanted white chicks but I didn't know how. Now that I know Attraction, white chicks are loving me!

    Thabang, JHB

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