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  • I just want to say a big thank you for all that you taught at the course. Since the Master Class, I have been doing so well with woman and people in general. More so than I have ever done before!

    Chris, JHB
  • This Master Class is more valuable than anything else on the market

    Mark, CT
  • Since attending The Attraction Academy seminar, I am getting an average of 4 women’s numbers every time I go out.

    Lucide, JHB
  • After The Attraction Academy Master Class, I approached more girls in one night than I have in my entire life!

    Sean, CT
  • Since The Attraction Academy workshop, my fear of approaching women has disappeared. Every time I go out, conversation flows very well and I always get numbers.  I already feel more confident; things are really happening for me!

    Ahmed, CT
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  • The training I received provided me with the ability to attract women. I'm feeling natural doing it now and I got 10 numbers in the last few days."

    Muneer, CT
  • I’m currently seeing 4 different girls at the moment, thanks to these guys

    Lesego, DBN
  • My perspective on life has changed completely since taking the Attraction Academy Master Class. I find it exhilarating that all I see now are opportunities - opportunities that if taken will amplify my life exponentially. This feeling is incredible and I'm loving my new perspective.

    Richard, JHB
  • The Attraction Academy is a fantastic company with very dedicated instructors who help you to achieve great results with high quality women with the use of very insightful, applicable psychological techniques. I just finished the Master Class and achieved tremendous results, it was worth every cent

    Azhar, DBN
  • As a direct result of coming on the Master Class, I have developed the ability to initiate and maintain interesting conversations with women (and people in general). The changes that I have made have given my father more respect towards me and for me, For me, THAT is an achievement. The knowledge that I’ve gained is priceless! It has helped me like you cannot imagine. Thank you!

    Danny, Maputo
  • The Attraction Academy Master Class has completely changed my life!

    Jean, PTA
  • I have attended 2 INTERNATIONAL Pick Up Artist Seminars with some of the world’s best attraction coaches. I have now completed The Attraction Academy’s course and can say with confidence that it is a far better course than anything I have experienced on an international level.

    Donald, JHB
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  • The story I would like to share with you is not about success with females specifically, but rather success in other areas of my life which was as a direct result of attending The Attraction Academy’s Master Class course. Since the Master Class, I have seen dramatic changes in my life. I now have standards when it comes to women, whereas before, any women would do. My confidence has sky rocketed due to the results I consistently obtain. My sense of being has increased and as a result of this, my overall attitude and self worth has increased so much that I am able to compose myself in any situation. Due to the material I learned on the course, and the success rate I have had, I was able to land myself a new job. I have realised that the success I have with women somehow seeps through to my everyday life - and my overall confidence feeds off from that. For the first time in my life, I was in control of my nerves and emotions during a recent job interview. I was able to apply my understanding of attraction patterns in the interview, which ultimately landed me the job. On the Master Class, I learned the best way to sell myself (to a potential employer or women). We had so much fun during the job interview that when my potential employer was done with their questions, they actually found a way to keep me in the room for 10 more minutes after the interview was finished, because they were enjoying my company so much. The interviewer actually said to me: “ I have a few more questions for you, but these are just to get to know you better, so relax, the interview is over.” I left the interview with the conviction that no matter if I got the job or not, I blew them away. I was so sure of myself that I actually told my flat mate that the job is as good as mine. I got a call from the company a few days later, informing me that I got the job, if I am still interested. The moral of my story is, this is not only about success with women; it is about the rest of your life. If that doesn’t motivate any guy out there to invest in the teachings you provide, I don’t know what will. I would like to thank you guys from The Attraction Academy once again from the bottom of my heart. It was a brilliant, mind-opening experience that I shall always cherish.

    Vince, JHB
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