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Join us for a full weekend workshop, consisting of a total of 12 hours of mind-blowing theory training, practical demonstrations and underground secrets that will transform your life with women. This interactive workshop focuses on both your inner and outer game and enables you to develop the tools and techniques required in order to develop attraction with any woman you desire.

After 7 years of constructing the Master Class course, you will finally learn the underlying verbal and non-verbal psychological techniques that will not only enhance your confidence and dating life but will transform you into an expert at developing attraction. If you are ready to become a Master with women, book your seat on The Attraction Academy Master Class now!

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Success Rate
Success Rate
  • How to Develop Attraction
  • How to Break out of Your Comfort Zone
  • Overcoming your Fear of Rejection
  • Conquering Approach Anxiety
  • Skyrocket Your Confidence
  • Improve your Image
  • Never fall into the Friend Zone again
  • Approaching Techniques & Secrets
  • Openers and Conversation Starters
  • How to get women to approach YOU!
  • Mind-blowing Conversational Skills
  • The Art of Influence and Persuasion
  • The Secret Formula to Becoming a Master with Women
  • Body Language Techniques to Develop Attraction
  • Communicating Non-Verbally
  • Indicators of Interest (Assessing her Level of Attraction Towards you)
  • Creating Rapport / Comfort Instantaneously
  • A Formula to Find Commonalities with Anyone
  • In-Depth Pick Up Artist Video Analysis
  • Become a Master at Developing Attraction with Women
  • Attraction Building Games and Gambits
  • Get women to buy YOU drinks!
  • Kino Escalation (How, where and when to touch a woman)
  • Negs and Disqualification (Attraction Amplifiers)
  • Isolation Techniques (How to achieve 1 on 1 time with a woman)
  • Psychological Techniques that Enhance your Desirability
  • Justification (How to get what you want, when you want it)
  • Communicating Sexually with Women
  • Sexual Kino Escalation (How to sexually yet subtly escalate touch)
  • Creating Sexual Tension
  • Qualification (How to get her to work harder for YOU!)
  • Shit Tests (How to pass the shit tests that all women give)
  • Getting her Number – 100% Guaranteed
  • Getting the Kiss – 100% Rejection Proof

Date Programme Location Spaces DEPOSIT BOOK
30 – 31 July 2016 Master Class PTA SOLD OUT SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
3 – 4 September 2016 Master Class JHB SOLD OUT CLICK HERE BOOK NOW

The Attraction Academy is the leading Attraction Development and Dating training facility in Africa. We have trained 1000’s of men across South Africa and assisted them in skyrocketing their lives with women and to date, we are proud to say that we hold a 100% SUCCESS RATE! Join us for a fun-filled weekend with interactive exercises and LIVE practical demonstrations that will BLOW YOUR MIND!

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  • Complimentary Lunches and Refreshments
  • A Comprehensive Attraction Academy Master Class Workbook.
  • Access to The Attraction Academy’s Exclusive Wingman Group.
  • 3 Months FREE Email Access.
  • FREE confidence building hypnosis.
  • Guest speaker: One of SA’s Top Men’s Fashion and Image Consultants.
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"The training I received provided me with the ability to attract women. I'm feeling natural doing it now and I got 10 numbers in the last few days."

- Muneer, CT

"Since attending The Attraction Academy seminar, I am getting an average of 4 women's numbers every time I go out."

- Lucide, JHB

"Since The Attraction Academy workshop, my fear of approaching women has disappeared. Every time I go out, conversation flows very well and I always get numbers. I already fell more confident; things are really happening for me!"

- Ahmed, CT

"I just want to say a big thank you for all that you taught at the course. Since the Master Class, I have been doing so well with woman and people in general. More so than I have ever done before!"

- Chris, JHB

"After The Attraction Academy Master Class, I approached more girls in one night than I have in my entire life!"

- Sean, CT

"The Attraction Academy is a fantastic company with very dedicated instructors who help you to achieve great results with high quality women with the use of very insightful, applicable psychological techniques. I just finished the Master Class and achieved tremendous results, it was worth every cent."

- Azhar, DBN

"This Master Class is more valuable than anything else on the market"

- Mark, CT


Date Programme Location Spaces DEPOSIT BOOK
30 – 31 July 2016 Master Class PTA SOLD OUT SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
3 – 4 September 2016 Master Class JHB SOLD OUT CLICK HERE BOOK NOW

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