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100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will receive unmeasurable value from this course that we are offering you a 100% money back guarantee!


NOW is the time for all types of relationships to develop and flourish. BUT.. if you’re not approaching developing attraction with women, another year of single life may pass you by. That is why we are here – to push you out of your comfort zone and empower you with the techniques and secrets to achieve the results you are capable of and meet and attract the woman of your dreams.

We know better than anyone how lonely and frustrating it can be to almost give up hope in finding the love of your life; or for some, feeling worthy, confident and competent to attract gorgeous women. We know, because we’ve been there!! We struggled with women for over 10 years through a journey of trial and error, failure and success, acceptance and rejection to get to a stage where we can share all of this knowledge with you ONLINE in fun and interactive way!


Derrick, JHB

Five weeks after this course. I met the love of my life and 2 years later, we are now engaged! I would never have gotten her without this knowledge!

Hanens, PTA

I never thought I could ever attract hot women because I’m not the most confident good-looking guy. BLOWN AWAY at how this stuff works

Chris, JHB

I had read The Game and followed a whole lot of international PUA’s but after coming on this course, I realised I knew nothing!

Azhar, DBN

Since attending the Master Class, I’m getting atleast 4 womens numbers everytime I go out and I get laid twice a month! Loving Life right now!

Ahmed, CT

Since The Attraction Academy workshop, my fear of approaching women has disappeared. Every time I go out, conversation flows very well and I always get numbers. I already feel more confident; things are really happening for me!


You now have Instant Access to 16 hours of Mind-Blowing knowledge, Techniques and Principles within the realm of Attraction, Dating and Pick Up Artistry in 54 Mind-Blowing Lessons at the CLICK OF A BUTTON! There is an art to approaching and attracting women. With a few simple techniques, skills and secrets, you will see miraculous results in your dating life!

This online workshop focuses on both your inner and outer game and enables you to develop the internal and external techniques required in order to attract any woman you desire. The Attraction Academy is a leading attraction development and dating training facility, teaching men the tools and techniques to meet, develop attraction and seal the deal with women – whether its numbers you want, kisses, dates, more sexual interactions, a girlfriend or a long-term partner. Whatever it is you’re looking for, our Online Master Class is geared to get you the results you want!!


  • How to Develop Attraction
  • How to Break out of Your Comfort Zone
  • Overcoming your Fear of Rejection
  • Conquering Approach Anxiety
  • Skyrocket Your Confidence
  • Improve your Image
  • Openers and Conversation Starters
  • How to get women to approach YOU!
  • The Secret Formula to Becoming a Master with Women
  • Body Language Techniques to Develop Attraction
  • Communicating Sexually with Women
  • Qualification (How to get her to work harder for YOU!)
  • Psychological Techniques that Enhance your Desirability
  • Indicators of Interest (Assessing her Level of Attraction Towards you)
  • Communicating Non-Verbally
  • In-Depth Pick Up Artist Video Analysis
  • Get women to buy YOU drinks!
  • Kino Escalation (How, where and when to touch a woman)
  • Negs and Disqualification (Attraction Amplifiers)
  • Justification (How to get what you want, when you want it)
  • Creating Sexual Tension
  • Shit Tests (How to pass the shit tests that all women give)
  • Getting the Kiss – 100% Rejection Proof
  • Mind-blowing Conversational Skills
  • Never fall into the Friend Zone again
  • Isolation Techniques (How to achieve 1 on 1 time with a woman)
  • Creating Rapport / Comfort Instantaneously
  • A Formula to Find Commonalities with Anyone
  • Attraction Building Games and Gambits
  • Sexual Kino Escalation (How to sexually yet subtly escalate touch)
  • The Art of Influence and Persuasion
  • Approaching Techniques & Secrets
  • Become a Master at Developing Attraction with Women
  • Getting her Number – 100% Guaranteed


With over 10 years of experience, together with being trained by the World’s Number 1 Dating Coach, we are proud to introduce our Exclusive Master Class – an online workshop that is guaranteed to transform your life with women! There is an art to approaching and attracting women. With a few simple techniques, skills and secrets, you will see miraculous results in your dating life! That is why we are here – to empower you with the fool-proof techniques and secrets to meet and attract your Dream Woman


We are so confident that you will receive unmeasurable value from this course that we are offering you a 100% money back guarantee!


By the end of this course you will have acquired the ability to develop attraction with any women, anywhere and at any time. This Online Master Class is literally everything you need to know to start seeing mind-blowing results with women! By the end this course, your confidence will skyrocket.

We’ve been running this Master Class for over 8 years now and not only have we seen this work in our lives but we’ve seen thousands of our students see results! Over the years, we have trained 1000’s of guys and EACH and EVERY one has seen results – and to date we have a 100% Success Rate! Believe it or not, attracting beautiful women has NOTHING to do with your looks, height, body, career or money! On the Online Master Class, we prove this to you with real-life case studies and change and correct this debilitating belief, empowering you with the unstoppable techniques that ANYONE can learn to Attract the Women that you desire!

The best part is.. you don’t need to leave your house or disclose your identity – you can work through the course in the comfort of your own home in your OWN TIME at you OWN PACE!

Becoming a Master with Women has never been easier!

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