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Q: Who is the Attraction Academy and what do you specialize in?

A: The Attraction Academy is the leading Attraction Development and Dating training facility in Africa, teaching men the tools and techniques to approach, connect with, develop attraction with and build lasting relationships with women. Our experienced instructors have been mentored and trained by the worlds number 1 Attraction Specialist and Dating Coach and for the past 4 years we have taught men from across South Africa the theoretical and practical skills in developing attraction with women. These skills will increase your confidence, improve your business acumen, enhance your social life and most importantly assist you in transforming your life with women.

Q: What is the Attraction Academy Master Class?

A: The Attraction Academy Master Class is a training seminar that will transform your life with Women. This interactive workshop focuses on both your inner confidence as well as outer ability, which will result in your confidence with women skyrocketing. You will develop the tools and techniques required to develop attraction with any woman, anywhere and at anytime. After 7 years of constructing the Master Class course, you will finally learn the underlying verbal and non-verbal psychological techniques that will transform you into a master at developing attraction with women.

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Q: Why do I need ‘training’ to be good with women? Why can’t I just be myself?

A: Most men have an inability to approach a woman that they are attracted to. This is extremely frustrating and confidence shattering. If you can’t even approach her, or you are at a loss for words when in her presence, how is she ever going to get to know this ‘real you’? We teach natural game, which means once you develop the confidence to approach her, your NATURAL instincts will take over and you CAN just be yourself. Your best self.

Q: How is your material/teachings different from any other I can find on the internet?

A: What makes The Attraction Academy unique is that we teach ‘Natural Game’; which allows our students to become successful with women without using generic pick up lines. Instead, you will develop an underlying understanding of the female psyche, which allows the women to become deeply attracted to the best version of yourself.

This type of teaching is far less commercial than what most teachings are. We don’t parrot-feed you and demand that you learn entire scripts off-by-heart only for you to copy-paste them to every girl you speak to. Instead, we give you an underlying understanding of how attraction and the female psyche works. This has been found to be far more effective than any other method on South African women.

Q: Does this stuff work on any type of girl?

A: Absolutely. Attraction supersedes any race, creed, country or religion.

Q: Will the Master Class cater to my personal sticking points and needs?

A: Yes. We work closely with each individual student in order to identify your unique strengths and weaknesses and address them accordingly. We then assist you to overcome your individual weaknesses and expand your strengths. Each student who attends the Master Class will receives an adequate amount of individual attention from all of our instructors.

Q: Are there age requirements to come on the course?

A: No. We have worked with all age groups, ranging from 15 year olds to men aged 56!

Q: I’m naturally a shy, introverted man and not the best with women. Will the Attraction Academy Master Class work for me?

A: Yes, most definitely. We have a 100% success rate. Every single student of ours, no matter what level they were at when coming on the course, has seen results.


Q: I do well with women already, could this course help me take my abilities to the next level?

A: Definitely. This is all about self-­improvement and becoming the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. Most guys make the mistake of becoming complacent in this area of their life, and fulfilling your potential is what we are all about. No matter how good you are ‐ you can always become better!

Q: I’m not a good-looking guy. Will this stuff work for me?

A: YES! Attraction with women has very little to do with looks, height, career, body type or money. Once you understand that developing attraction is a skill that can be learned, you will begin to see remarkable results with women. We often hear women say: “There’s this guy I like. He’s not my type, but there’s just something about him….” This is a man who is consciously or unconsciously utilising the principles of attraction effectively.

Q: I’ve read ‘The Game’ by Neil Straus. What do you teach that is different from this book?

A: Reading ‘The Game’ is always a great place to start as it introduces us into the world of attraction. While the book may give us some useful tips and techniques along the way, it doesn’t provide us with a practical, structured, fool­‐proof plan of action from approaching to developing attraction with women. It may inspire you but it won’t equip you. Metaphorically, we consider ‘The Game’ to be ‘Matric Biology’, while what The Attraction Academy offers is a ‘Doctorate in Medicine’.

100% Success Rate
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